Inside the mind of investors

How to write your biotech business plan

November 12, 2019 Jane 0

One of the first things a new entrepreneur tends to ask is how to create a business plan to move their idea forward. Many dream of a plan that will be unique – one that will really grab investors. First-time, and even experienced entrepreneurs can struggle and need guidance.

To many, creating a business plan can seem not only a daunting task, but somewhat of a mystery. Many entrepreneurs search the internet or the local business library looking for templates, models, or “business plan in-a-box” type kits, and that can sometimes make things…

Inside the mind of investors

How to get VC attention

November 11, 2019 Jane 0

Fred Hammack, a venture consultant, has benefited from an education in classics and finance. A fortuitous decision, he says, because “once you understand maths and statistics, you can read any paper on the planet and as long as you have the vocabulary, you can learn the underlying technology”.

Adopting an interdisciplinary approach, crafted from years of experience in different industries, Fred has an intrinsic understanding of what drives a biotech business. This understanding of the science and the business allows Fred the benefit of many perspectives, allowing him to really help people understand what it takes to gain investments in the space, how to get someone’s attention and how to build successful business models.

How does a start-up get onto your radar?

Two things…

Inside the mind of investors

Staying disruptive in a digital environment

September 19, 2019 Jane 0

David Guillebaud has experience in many different industries including oil, banking and aerospace. He also has lots of experience in start-ups from founding three companies, as a business angel and as a consultant where he advises CEOs and top management teams on strategy and transformation issues. In this article, he discusses how to stay disruptive in a digital environment.

As technological developments grow and became more exposed to digital transformations, I found myself in front of CEOs of top management teams, completely amazed by their inability to accept the fact that…

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Inside the mind of investors

The attack of founderitis and why not to forget your grandma

September 19, 2019 Jane 0

One of my heroes in life is my dad, a paediatric surgeon renowned for his abilities. He is one of the smartest people I’ve ever met, but if you challenged him to commercialize something, he would fail. I wouldn’t trust him to manage a dollar. I would trust him with my life, but I would not trust him with my start-up.

That’s not a criticism of him, but if you are that incredibly smart researcher, that person who’s able to do incredible discovery on the bench, that person that has incredible scientific ability, it’s important to be realistic. Some can deal well with the crossover and some of them…

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Inside the mind of investors

Spotlight on: Seventure

April 10, 2019 Jane 0

Founded in 1997, Seventure is a European leader in venture capital, with €691 under management at the end of 2017. Operating primarily in Digital Technologies and Life Sciences, they’ve focused particularly on investing in microbiome, creating the first microbiome fund Health for Life. Since 2015, it has…

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Defining The Microbiome Opportunity

February 20, 2019 root 0

One of the first challenges we encounter when considering the ‘Microbiome Opportunity’ is to describe exactly what we mean by it. Here, we visualize the opportunity as a multidimensional space that organizes itself along multiple axes.

We can start by picturing an axis of mechanistic insight leading from simple associations between microbiome-based manipulations and outcomes to actual causal relationships that can be rigorously translated into robust microbiome-based applications. Along this axis, the complexity of the biological information gathered…

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