Spotlight on Tax

September 19, 2019 Jane 0

Not many would argue that tax is the most thrilling part of starting a company. While it can be dry, implementing it correctly from the start will set you up well, from the beginning of your company right through to exit.

All countries and governments operate differently. In this first ‘Spotlight on Tax’ we spoke to Colin Hailey from Confluence Tax, for specialist advice on how to approach tax in the UK as a start-up. Confluence Tax are the only tax advisory firm who specialise in biotech and technology businesses.

Always start by thinking about the end goal. If you offer fantastic intellectual property but have made a horror show of the tax affairs, it’s going to be much more difficult to convince someone to purchase it. If your goal is the exit route, then aim to…

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3 Marketing Hacks for a Start-Up Business

February 27, 2019 root 0

For businesses just starting out, marketing can be a fickle beast. The focus for any start-up should be on doing a few things really well. So well that you outperform your competition. It almost doesn’t matter what marketing tactics you choose, as long as you abide by this principle. As it’s a new year, now is the perfect time to…

Do I need a PR strategy?

January 23, 2019 root 0

When you start a business, especially one rooted in the exciting and fast-moving world of biotechnology, it can be easy to find yourself overwhelmed by all the different responsibilities. You’ve established a set of key strategies and visions, written your five-year development plan, even designed a logo and begun to think about defining your brand when suddenly it hits you – how do we get the word out there? What about our…

Back to basics: 4 management fundamentals

January 9, 2019 root 0

Management is not often a job anyone sets out to do. To do it well requires constant energy and is almost always a thankless job – line reports tend not to realise the effort you’re putting into being a great manager.

We’ve all had at least one sub-standard manager in our time. One who undermined us, or was never around, or just didn’t ‘get’ us. It’s frustrating and hard work – after all, aren’t they supposed to be the experienced ones enabling us to be better at our jobs, not make us dread every Monday morning?

Lots of people fall into people management by accident. They are the best they can be at their job and their next promotion comes with…