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Leading Transformation: The Power of Science Fiction

October 16, 2019 Jane 0

Anyone who has tried to lead change in a big company knows how hard it is to move from meetings to action. Although everyone may nod their heads in the meeting, creating real behavior change is an entirely dif­ferent matter. There are several prescribed remedies, and we have tried them all, including preselling the results, giving leaders information about our personal experience with the problem, and using data. But these tactics rarely produced behavior change.

What we call a story in the business world – often just a chronological series of events – doesn’t work. In such a “story” there are no characters, no plot, no conflict, no resolution. Nothing to make you believe. Nothing to inspire change. Truthfully, typical business tales are not real stories.

Real stories are something dif­ferent. They have…

business skills

Keep it secret! Advice for your first patent application

October 9, 2019 Jane 0

Ross Cummings is a biochemist and specialist private practice patent attorney, who works with biotech companies and universities to develop their IP portfolios and strategy to support their commercial goals.

What’s your advice for people putting together a patent application for the first time?

Firstly, and most importantly, do not disclose anything to any third party outside a very clear, signed confidentiality agreement. Keep the invention secret until a patent application has been filed at the patent office. Then, ensure that any later disclosure does not go beyond the contents of the patent application. Ideally, you should…

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The CEO perspective

October 2, 2019 Jane 0

Algernon Pharmaceuticals Inc. is a publicly-traded clinical-stage drug development company, focused on non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), chronic kidney disease (CKD), inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF). Their discovery program is based on drug repurposing; finding new uses for already approved drugs.

Christopher J. Moreau joined Algernon (previously called Breathtec Biomedical) as CEO in March 2018 to bring new leadership to the company. His first mandate was to review the company’s key technology and to make recommendations to the board on the company’s business plan.

Behind the scenes at Algernon

In the fall of 2018, Algernon acquired a company called Nash Pharmaceuticals. Nash’s business model was to…

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Navigating the modern marketing landscape

September 19, 2019 Jane 0

In this fractured, algorithmic, and multi-channel marketing environment, it can be tricky getting the right message to the right audience at the right time. Authentic communication enables us to navigate the changeable waters of modern marketing and avoid the pitfalls that have become so commonplace.

The road well-travelled

Marketing techniques such as branding, packaging and even advertising can be found as far back as the Greek and Roman empires. As a practice marketing remained a…

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Inside the mind of investors

Staying disruptive in a digital environment

September 19, 2019 Jane 0

David Guillebaud has experience in many different industries including oil, banking and aerospace. He also has lots of experience in start-ups from founding three companies, as a business angel and as a consultant where he advises CEOs and top management teams on strategy and transformation issues. In this article, he discusses how to stay disruptive in a digital environment.

As technological developments grow and became more exposed to digital transformations, I found myself in front of CEOs of top management teams, completely amazed by their inability to accept the fact that…

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Protecting your IP: Where to start?

September 19, 2019 Jane 0

The cultural difference between an academic openness and the need for privacy in early stages of a commercial enterprise are pronounced. If a patent portfolio is part of your company offering, then you will need to reconsider what you disclose publicly from now on.

We spoke with Adrian Tombling from Withers & Rogers to get his perspective as a patent attorney. With his own academic background in genetics, he has extensive experience representing biotech and pharma companies in patent applications.

There are two pieces of fundamental advice to consider regarding your start up.

Firstly, you must not disclose it publicly until you’ve considered whether you want to protect it via a patent. This is essential. Clients have said to me “I’ve got this great idea…I only disclosed this part”. But often what they…

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