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Issue № 0819

business skills

Protecting your IP: Where to start?

September 19, 2019 0

The cultural difference between an academic openness and the need for privacy in early stages of a commercial enterprise are pronounced. If a patent portfolio is part of your company offering, then yo ...

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David Kyle, Evolve Biosystems

March 27, 2019 0

Dr. David Kyle has co-founded biotech companies for 35 years in nutrition and health including Martek Biosciences which was acquired in 2011 for $1.1 billion. For the first issue of Biostart, he spoke ...

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Dilutive and non-dilutive capital

November 13, 2019 0

There are two types of capital to consider when starting your biotech; dilutive and non-dilutive. Becoming too diluted at the beginning risks loss of motivation and feelings of ownership for the found ...

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Attached Issue № 0819
Inside the mind of investors

How to write your biotech business plan

November 12, 2019 0

One of the first things a new entrepreneur tends to ask is how to create a business plan to move their idea forward. Many dream of a plan that will be unique – one that will really grab investors. F ...

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Attached Issue № 0819
Inside the mind of investors

How to get VC attention

November 11, 2019 0

Fred Hammack, a venture consultant, has benefited from an education in classics and finance. A fortuitous decision, he says, because “once you understand maths and statistics, you can read any paper ...

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Attached Issue № 0819
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